Our services include:

Bond & Share Investment

Our advisers are specialists in investing in the share market, they can give general guidance or personalised advice when advising you on investing in bonds or shares. Our clients get the benefit of discussing the investment in detail and access to third party research before committing to the investment. We have access to global markets so you can invest in most of the international markets including the Australian Securities Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, EURONEXT, Singapore Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Execution Service

Traditional trading & broking service, you manage your investments and make your own decisions based on your opinion and our general advice and research.

Execution & Reporting

Similar to the Execution Service but with added reporting on a quarterly basis to help you keep track of the portfolio's performance.

Personalised Portfolio Management

Full portfolio management with personalised advice. We administer the portfolio and provide quarterly in-depth reporting and commentary on your portfolio. We make personalised recommendations based on your goals and unique financial position and attitude to risk.

Cash Management

Basic service to help manage your cash investments. We have good relationships with many banks to ensure that you get the best possible rates on cash on call and Term Deposits.


General or personalised advice on KiwiSaver.

Investment Plan

For clients who have a lump sum to invest, we can provide an in-depth and personalised plan for your investments dependent on your goals, financial position, attitude to risk and the current market.