‘If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers… it’s that simple.’

A well-known quote from Richard Branson

So what value do you put on people? What are your values for the behaviours in your business? How do your staff contribute to these values? Do you nurture, develop and retain good people? Do you treat your customers in a way that displays your values?

Here are YHPJ’s values, we use and promote these in every aspect of our people management and service ethic, we can help you develop yours…. just give us a call.

Behaviors and personalities

Ever wondered why you relate better to some people and not to others in the workplace?  

People’s personalities are part of who they are, but behaviours can be changed and influenced.

These are all thought provoking issues in business today, but what does being a ‘good employer’ mean and surely staff have an obligation to be good employees don’t they?  

The answer is yes. An employer AND employee have an obligation to act in good faith in all aspects of employment. What does ‘good faith’ mean? Here are some examples: 

  • To be active and constructive 
  • To be responsive and communicative 
  • To consult and consider 
  • To not mislead or deceive 
  • To build trust and confidence

These principles of good faith should be demonstrated from recruitment to team building, in performance management, in mentoring, in developing a healthy team culture, and in our job design – just to mention a few. 

We can assist you with these principles in managing people and sit along side you to help you manage people differently to get the best result. 

In recognising differences by personality profiling this helps with managing individuals in a way they will respond to. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to get the best from your team. I use and promote DiSC profiling…so what is DiSC ?  

It is an assessment of communication behaviours over 4 dimensions of behaviour. Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.  

How can these assessments help in the workplace? 

  • You can use them to help with team fit as you recruit new staff 
  • You can use them to assess your team and how people are likely to interact or react 
  • You can use them to guide how you interact with or manage team members 
  • You can use them to reflect on behaviors or reactions to situations in yourself or your team…. 
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Talk to us about the level of support I can help with as it is all about people….